About Us

We are a family based business that is passionate about living a healthy sustainable lifestyle and eating nutritious organic foods, incorporating as much unprocessed and raw foods as we can. Not only have we noticed that organic food actually tastes so much better but we have noticed a day to day improvement in our health and well-being. After reading into the benefits of eating organic and the frightening statistics on the high amount of pesticides and artificial hormones in foods today, we knew we wanted to make a lifestyle change where we sourced our food. This is when we started to look and search for different Organic herbs from around the globe. By taking a closer look at the benefits of each product we’ve decided that adding it into our daily diet. It became a part of our life and has since improved our health and well-being.

After a trip to the Ancient Greenfields region of India, where Moringa is farmed by many farmers on over ten thousand Hectares of land, we made an arrangement with an Organic Moringa based farming company to supply us with product. The farm which is based in the south of Coimbature India. Their farm is Organic Certified by INDO CERT on USDA NOP, European Union and India Organic standards to ensure possessing a natural, non-polluted, chemical free and hygienic Moringa production.

We decided to deliver these different herbs to the world by offering high quality, safe, through our company Organic Herbs Australia. We are dedicated to spread the benefits of the different herbs product that we have throughout the world and especially our region and to ensure that our products will bring the nutritional value in order to improve an individual's well-being into a better and more productive lifestyle.

Organic Herbs Australia can ensure that every stage from the farming process to packaging is followed by standardised organic farming practises and ISO Quality controlled to guarantee our clients get the highest quality Moringa. To certify and label our products 100% Organic, the production processes have to use completely natural methods and has to be produced without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, sewage sludge, and are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, chemical food additives, artificial colour and flavour. Organic Herbs Australia products have been developed by using a natural drying process to remove water from its fresh produce. This ensures the preservation of the nutritional value, flavour, texture, freshness, colour and aroma as well as improves the lifespan of the product. The drying process is a 100% organic method! By using Organic farming for our products also help to protect the health of our air, water and soil.


Organic Herbs Australia products are certified USDA NOP, Indian NPOP, European Union’s (EEC) 2092/91 which guarantees that our producer’s production system are genuinely organic and meet the strict standards required to seal our moringa products as 100% organic.